The RecRoom Featured on the Cover of High Times Magazine "Gear of the Year" Issue

High Times Magazine

The RecRoom has been featured on the cover of High Times Magazine’s “Gear of the Year” issue. On newsstands now, the October 2019 issue features a guide to the year’s best technological achievements in the home cultivation industry. The RecRoom has been awarded “Best Grow Tent.”

“For the cost of just a few ounces of cannabis, you can purchase everything you need to grow many ounces every three months with your own Rec Room grow-tent setup,” writes High Times. “This six-plant system consists of top-of-the-line produces including a Gorilla Grow Tent, Kind LED lighting, a Phresh air filter, Lotus premium nutrients, and Smart Pots, among other features. One person can set it up quickly, and everything can be controlled from a phone or tablet. This kit comes with lifetime support and all the tools you need to grow great weed.”

The RecRoom Grow Tent Kit is a premium complete grow system offered at a very affordable price, enabling first-time growers to purchase a complete out-of-the-box grow setup which is safe, simple, efficient, and built to last—unlike many of the cheap grow tent kits currently on the market.

Many lower-priced grow tent kits on the market today make the unfortunate mistake of using low-end, unreliable components in the interest of saving money. The RecRoom aims to change this by offering a competitively priced indoor grow system that uses only premium products from trusted manufacturers within the industry.

The Standard RecRoom grow tent package retails at $695 with free shipping and features the Kind XL300 LED Grow Light and a Gorilla Lite Line 2’x4’ Grow Tent. The RecRoom Pro retails at $895 and features our Kind XL600 LED Grow Light and an Original Gorilla 2’x4’ Grow Tent. By partnering with companies like Kind, RecRoom is able to offer their kits for between $400-$600 off retail price. Every RecRoom grow tent kit also includes free lifetime grow support from their team of grow professionals.

“It was always a dream of ours to be on the cover of High Times Magazine,” said CEO Rory Kagan. “To us, this was our Rolling Stone.”

The RecRoom is available now at starting at $695 with free shipping.