The Rec Room
Makes It Simple

set up and get growing in minutes with easy-to-follow guides, Smart Control technology, and lifetime grow support from professionals

Grow Your
Own & Save!

led technology reduces energy costs by up to 50% allowing you to grow your own at 400% under retail value! never run dry, never go broke!

The Perfect
Six Plant Solution

everything you need & nothing you don't to grow your own at home!

Know Your Grow

complete control of your garden from seed to harvest means you know exactly what goes into your body.


You've been dreaming about it for years, and now it's time to make it a reality! From the creators of the #1 selling personal grow systems worldwide comes the RecRoom - the simplest, safest, and most affordable premium all-in-one grow tent kit on the market.

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Marijuana Laws

100% Legal

Under Prop 64, adults (21+) can cultivate up to six plants per residence in an enclosed and secure space. The RecRoom is specifically designed to maximize your legal limit!

Grow Your Own Weed

100% Safe

The RecRoom provides everything you need to get up and growing quickly and safely, using the strongest grow tents on the market and highly efficient, low-heat LED grow lights.

It's Simple

100% Simple

Not only does the RecRoom include everything you need to get growing within minutes, every system includes lifetime expert grow support at no extra charge! Call us any time!

The SMARTer Way To Grow

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RecRoom Complete Grow Tent Kit

Why Grow Your Own?

Grow Your Own Weed and Save

Save Money

Growing your own is much more affordable than you might think. Avoid state retail taxes and pay a fraction of the cost per gram! 

Never Run Out of Weed

Never Run Dry!

Saving money is great, now imagine having a never-ending supply of premium, homegrown herbs no more than an arm's reach away!

Grow Your Own Weed

Know Your Buds

Know exactly what you're consuming - no mystery chemicals, pesticides, molds, or mildews. Plus, homegrown always tastes better!

To Grow the Best, Grow WITH the Best!

The RecRoom uses only the very best products in the industry, unlike most grow tent kits, which often use low-end, unreliable components. By partnering directly with companies like Gorilla Grow Tent, Kind LED Grow Lights, & Lotus Nutrients, we are able to offer these grow rooms at ridiculously low prices.

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Gorilla Grow Tent
Kind LED Grow Lights
Lotus Nutrients
Phresh Filters
Smart Pots

Save Massive Amounts of Money with RecRoom!

If you purchased the items included in the RecRoom individually, you could easily spend more than $440 over the cost of buying our complete grow room kit!


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